Cure, Dry & Infrared Ovens

Engineered Finishing Systems, the experts in Paint and Porcelain Finishing, is a leader in Curing and Drying Ovens for steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic parts.

  • Robust Engineered Construction
  • Low NOx Burners for Efficient Heating and Optimum Color Control Available
  • Advanced Firing Package with Unmatched Performance
  • Full Access to Inside of Oven Zones by Personnel Access Doors
  • Burner Boxes Designed for Maximum Performance and Ease of Maintenance

We design and build a full selection of dry-off ovens, curing ovens and dehumidification systems. Configured to ensure uniform curing, our custom-designed systems deliver the highest quality coating finish by incorporating many key benefits, such as:

  • Tongue-and-groove construction, 6″ thick panels are fabricated from 20-gauge prime aluminized steel throughout. Both panel surfaces are roll-formed for uniformity, and 2″, 3″, 4″, and 8″ thick panels are also available.
  • Our modular-designed ovens use interlocking panels containing non-settling, non-combustible type industrial insulation rated for 700°F.

Engineered Finishing Systems also designs Infrared (IR) Cure and Dry-Off Ovens.

  • Electric or Gas Fired Infrared Emitters Based on Your Needs
  • Advanced Technology and Variability with Unmatched Performance
  • Full Access to Inside of Oven Zones by Personnel Access Doors
  • “Instant On” Capabilities for Maximum Performance and Cost-Effective Applications

The absorption of infrared radiant waves is highly selective which leads to the possibility of many different applications, a possibility not open to other forms of heating. Commercially manufactured artificial sources (emitters) include incandescent, fluorescent, and high intensity lamps, flames, heaters, and artificial black body sources, i.e. many of the products sold by us. HMI (Human Machine Interface) can be PLC controlled and equipped with state of the art touch screen controllers for your full line control and supervision.

We will walk you through the entire process and show you the features and benefits of these systems.


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