Liquid Spray Booths

Engineered Finishing Systems, the experts in Paint and Porcelain Finishing, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom Liquid Coating Systems that fit your specific finishing needs. We offer a variety of liquid spray booth types and configurations, including:

  • Dry Filter or Water Wash
  • Side Draft or Downdraft flow
  • Manual or Automatic Spray
  • Continuous or Batch Spray
  • Monorail, Power & Free, or Floor Conveyor Types
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled AMUs

We provide high-performance, versatile liquid spray booths that can fit a variety of diverse painting and finishing applications.

Our liquid spray booths are each designed to allow the efficient application of low or high solids solvent-based paints or water-based paints, while effectively removing overspray particles from the spray booth exhaust. We can also incorporate a wide range of robotic applications into your liquid spray environment.


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Crystal Lake, IL
Phone: 815-893-6090
Fax: 815-893-6888