Powder Booths & Rooms

Engineered Finishing Systems, the experts in Paint and Porcelain Finishing, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom Powder Coating Systems that fit your specific finishing needs.

  • Environmental Powder Room with Climate Control
  • Monorail or Power & Free Conveyor Systems Available
  • IR or Gas Fired Technology Engineered Oven Systems
  • Full Access to Inside of Wash Zones by Personnel Access Doors

Our custom-designed powder coating systems incorporate numerous benefits, for example:

  • Our superior multi-stage pretreatment equipment is engineered to prepare your product’s surface for powder coating. Our units are built to last years in the field through the inclusion of stainless steel construction, double-welded tanks, and quick-disconnect risers and nozzles into our designs.
  • Our environmental rooms, which include energy-recovery vestibules, are constructed using powder-coated galvanized steel and supported by a heavy steel framework.
  • Our ovens feature insulated steel interiors and exteriors with blowers, fans and ductwork sized for optimal air circulation. We are experienced at designing units that fit your spatial needs and utility requirements.


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Crystal Lake, IL
Phone: 815-893-6090
Fax: 815-893-6888